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Thanks for coming to TheFuturesMuse. This site is focused on creativity & innovation, that’s going to change the way we live and the resources we use. We’re for turning tradition on its head to find sustainable solutions, solutions that reimagine prosperity for the 21st century and contribute to everyone living fulfilled lives.  

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Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem-Solving

MWeb Free Wi-Fi Play – A world of wireless fidelity

Wi-Fi empowers, its that simple.

Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem-Solving

Urban Farming

Urban farming has the potential to create a more positive future for the green aspects of metropolitan hubs

Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem-Solving

Tony Stark has nothing on Elon Musk

Elon Musk a real life Tony Stark!

Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem-Solving

The many faces of art

"Any work of art has two authors : the people who confusingly feel something, a creator who translates these feelings, and the people again who consecrate his vision of that feeling. When one of the authors dies, the rights should totally be granted back to the other, the people".

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We can create Small Empires without anyones permission

Our generation has an opportunity unlike any other, we can create small empires without anyones permission.

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